MDCSoft Inc.

Services We Provide

Consulting Services

MDCSoft Inc. offers a variety of services designed to
optimize the increased productivity, quality and value gained.
Regardless of the locales and operational environment
(client/server or Internet based technology) or technical
publications (printed manuals or on-line Help)
- a range of services are available to address all phases of the
development, deployment and management life cycle of
applications and technical publications.
Our effective project management and prompt delivery are
tailored to specific projects and needs of your company. We
offer our excellent in-house development and
testing/proofreading facilities or we can successfully
utilize your environment.

Our portfolio of consulting services includes:

Software Architecture
E-business & Internet Solutions
Internationalization of software
Functional testing of software, including its internationalized and
localized versions
Thorough proofreading and quality check of the localized technical
Business Intelligence and error Reporting
Data Migration / Conversion

Software Architecture
Our re-architecture methodologies will help you to expand the
capabilities of your existing applications, and expedite your
time-to- market. Advanced techniques in encapsulating
business logic for reusability with any current or future UI
internationalization requirements are the foundation of our
development architecture. The advanced methodologies allow
your code to be architected to maximize reuse.

E-business & Internet Solutions
With our expertise, innovative technology and expertise in
internationalization and localization requirements you can be
assured of a successful launch into this arena.
Integration in to existing systems is another key goal of second
and third generation E-business applications. Combined with
the breadth of experience of the Professional services
in various other business areas we provide you with the
necessary competencies to achieve your system
and business goals.

Business Intelligence and Reporting
MDCSoft’s Business Intelligence & Reporting Assessment
Service demonstrates the capabilities of reporting and data
analysis products that address a wide range of business
needs. We provide in easy-to-use reporting applications that
enable you to view or retrieve the required reports, for example
errors in technical documentation per specific locales,
chapters, modules, etc. You
receive the detail information when you need it, where you
need it.

Migration / Conversion
Our Consulting skill set and expertise will provide you with the
Migration solutions designed to successfully expedite the
transition efficiently and professionally.

International Quality Assurance and quality proof check
We provide in-depth and comprehensive expertise in testing
•        Functional testing of core and localized products running
on any US and the localized operation platforms;
•        Internationalization and localization testing;
•        Localizability testing;
•        Pseudo-localization;
•        Language verification testing;
•        Localization functionality testing;
•        Proofreading and quality check of the localized software
and technical documentation including:
•        DTP (text and graphics formatting, table of content and
indices, headers, footers, bookmarks, paragraphs, icons);
•        Terminology consistency (terms are consistent with the
corporate adopted terminology and glossaries);
•        Consistency between software and technical publications;
•        Style (conformity with the corporate localization style
guide and the target locate rules and conventions);
•        Accuracy (the localized content is identical to the English