MDCSoft Inc.

Our products and services

  We develop world class software that:
•        Helps nurses and doctors maintain patient's records, analyze results
of treatment;
•        Allows tracking of patients’ condition, medical problems, medication,
signs and symptoms of illnesses, and record nursing assessment;
•        Is being used in the US and internationally;                        
•        Searches through the localized versions of health care related
technical documentation for any formatting, style and internationalization

We perform quality services in the following spheres:
•        Database Administration;
•        Internet Development;
•        Software Architecture and Systems Analysis;        
•        Functional testing, including internationalized and localized solutions;
•        Proofreading and comprehensive quality check of technical
documentation including its post-localized versions (covering a wide array
of locales from Western and Eastern Europe to Asia and Central/South

We have been in business since 1996.

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Professional Services

Our professional services work on customer site and provide quality
services in various IT areas such as Database Administration, Internet
Development, Software Architecture and Systems Analysis, Quality
Assurance, Localization and post-localization review